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Viper chair





With a newly developed rocking fixture, the seat’s movements adjust to your weight for optimized sitting comfort and support.

The organically shaped and pliant back provides perfect ergonomic support of the lower back and adapts to the body’s direction and pressure against the back support. The chair is completely silent, as it contains no mechanical parts.

  • Designed and manufactured with respect for nature and focus on ergonomic comfort

  • Molded in certified, regenerated Scandinavian PP plastic with 100% traceability

  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Ecolael

  • All chemicals used are REACH and RoHS-certi fied.This means that they have no harmful effect on nature or people

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Viper seat and back design provide high ergonomic support uniting two principles in one – a seat that tilts and a pliant back support.

The tilting seat gives you a sitting posture that ensures optimum blood circulation, helping to keep all your organs healthy.

Cobra ergonomic educational chair

With its striking form, Cobra imposes a distinct character to the often anonymous school environment.  Cobra chair takes its name from the upwards striving and elegant backrest, which also provides the excellent ergonomics. 

The backrest supports your back at exactly the right point, gently flexing as you move thanks to the thin curved plastic. 

The backrest and under-seat support are one moulded piece allowing for a strong construction, upon which is placed the upholstered seat. 

Groovy & Groovy CC 

The original design places emphasis on the sway in the lower back, which gives the chair its distinctive character and appearance. 

This dynamic backrest is found in the Groovy CC chair, where built-in flexible tilt further contributes to a comfortable experience. 

The result is a refined aesthetic and ample comfort. 

Reef & Tweet sofa Collection

Sitting in privacy within public areas is the new trend; avoid the noise and work or just talk without being disturbed. 

Noise is an increasing problem in all interior environments. We have challenged this by adding a soft wall and pillow to the standard Reef sofa modules. 

Today, modern architecture often contain big spaces with a lot of acoustic problems. We designed the TWEET sofa for these spaces. 

Use it as an intimate or casual meeting place or as a calm space secluded from the hustle and bustle. 


Ray & Ray @ Work

The flexible seat technology in the Ray  chair makes students and employees sit higher with an open posture causing the pelvis to rotate correctly, allowing the spine to rest with optimal curvature. Pressure is redistributed onto the sit bones, alleviating it from the thighs so as to increase blood flow. 

The Ray chair, designed in conjunction with research by Dr. Simon Dennehy, is an innovative approach to ergonomic education furniture. Ray seat is world patented.


C is for conference, C is for comfort. The comfort from Labofa's exciting Groovy chair makes a return in this refined conference chair. Comfort was key in this new iteration to the Groovy family. 

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