Icons of Denmark

Arena Chair for Icons of Denmark

An elegant, minimalist expression of comfort. 

Good design relates to the senses; the feel and touch of the craftsmanship, aesthetic forms for the eye, the sense of material and the sound when sitting; experience and history build into the object.

We have focused on creating a completely united form, where you cannot discern the seat from the armrest, it is one floating form. 


The ARENA chair mimics the curve in the lumbar in order to create perfect mirror of the body in rest. It is a very sensual piece of furniture.

Forum Barrel Meeting Table for Icons of Denmark

Subtle organic lines and solid craftsmanship create the perfect harmony. 

With subtle organic lines and a substantial solid oak edge, the FORUM BARREL meeting table invites users to sit.


The expert craftsmanship creates a structure both visually and physically robust. A top crafted from linoleum, laminate or veneer adds a gentle and trusting character. 

Woodstock Table is Built for Agility

The WOODSTOCK table series brings a versatile natural material to today's rapidly changing work environments. 

The WOODSTOCK table series, including FLIP TOP, HIGH and ROUND, represent versatility in the workplace. 

Our needs in the workplace change from day to day. Productivity is effortless when our furniture can accommodate these changes.

Solid oak and cast aluminium balance industrialisation and craftsmanship. Modern functional surfaces are met with classic durability. 

Crossover chair for Icons

of Denmark

Intuitive performance
Sophisticated profile
All day comfort

Crossover is a meeting point between two concepts – the ergonomics and functionality of a task chair combined with the sophisticated profile of a meeting chair. The result is a unique design: an all-day chair that draws the eye and provides comfort for the spectrum of work activities.

When seated, Crossover responds to the natural postures of your body with a synchronised tilt mechanism. This connects your movements with the chair and cradles different postures throughout the day. To keep things effortless, Crossover is weight-activated and has only two manual adjustments for seat height and tilt activation.

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