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Randers + Radius

Link table collection

Link is a flexible and multifunctional table collection. It’s composed of a large series of modules which gives you the freedom to customize and create your conference table or workstation your way.

Intelligence below the surface

The solid wood slide rails below the table top allows you to easily combine different sizes, change the leg position, extend the table for extra seating space and change the aesthetic appearance of the table.


Design your own table

You can choose between a large range of sizes and shapes. The user-friendly linking system under the table top gives you the freedom to customize and create a meeting table, conference table or working space your way.


A sustainable choice

Link is a sustainable choice. All wooden parts are made of FSC certified wood, and the table top is made of linoleum which is a natural product. The solid oak adds warmth and beauty to the room and contributes to a comfortable working environment.

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Scope table collection

Created with environmental consideration, Scope is a new wooden chair collection. Its wooden finishes, let you enjoy nature indoors and bring a warm and cozy feeling into your interior design. 

Noice reduction

Scope is designed to reduce noise. The integrated felt pads underneath the seat improve the acoustics and create a more pleasant environment. The felt pads also shield and protect the upholstered seat when the chair is stacked.


Crafted with environmental considerations

Scope is a resource-efficient chair. It’s made of FSC certified wood and is 
constructed with a thin pressed veneer so that it uses as little wood as 
possible without compromising its strength. 


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Hall way - Scope bar + Stool.jpg
Scope armchair with upholstery (4 stacked).jpg
Basic with upholstery.jpg

Bring out the Best Mood

Mood chair is a beautifully shaped seat that plays with subtle references to the human body. A light expression and built-in ergonomics ooze comfort when sitting. 

A continuously curved shape with rounded edges accentuates the soft feminine look.

The matte dotted surface adds tactility and improves the understated look, ensuring that chair remains modern. 

Dynamic design and fine details make Mood chair for Randers + Radius unique. 

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Tono is a chair from waste

Randers + Radius' Tono chair is one of the first environmentally sustainable, sound absorbing chairs on the market made with a felt shell from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Being naturally sound absorbing makes Tono desirable in today's busy workplaces.


Fabric welded to the inner part of the shell gives the chair a formal interplay between the light and elegant frame and the soft upholstery. 

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