Bring out the Best Mood

Dynamic design and fine details make MOOD chair by Randers + Radius unique. 

MOOD chair's beautifully shaped seat plays on subtle references to the human body. A light expression and built-in ergonomics ooze comfort when sitting. 

A continuously curved shape with rounded edges accentuates the soft feminine look.

The matte dotted surface adds tactility and improves the understated look, ensuring that chair remains modern. 

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TONO is a Chair from Waste

Randers + Radius' TONO chair is one of the first environmentally sustainable, sound absorbing chairs on the market.

TONO, by Randers + Radius, uses a felt shell made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Being naturally sound absorbing makes TONO desirable in today's busy workplaces.


Fabric welded to the inner part of the shell gives the chair a formal interplay between the light and elegant frame and the soft upholstery. 

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