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The best choice for your health and the environment

With Qtoo products you can be sure to drink extraordinary clean water. Qtoo has obtained the GDV certification as well as the NSF/ANSI61 certification, which is your guarantee that there are fewer heavy metal in the water compared with normal taps often made in chromed brass. 

All taps are lead free and allergy friendly. 

Qtoo’s products are made from 100% recyclable materials. It has a long-life span and remains beautiful. There are fewer heavy metals in stainless steel compared to normal chrome products. No chemicals are used in the production of stainless steel, nor any contaminating surface treatments opposite the manufacturing of chrome taps. 

All fixtures have integrated air mixer as standard to reduce water consumption.

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Uno accessories complete the bathroom

Uno bathroom accessories from QTOO completes the bathroom and ensure that the entire expression has the same DNA. The circular minimalistic design goes perfectly together with the taps and other details in the Circle collection. Elegance and quality are incorporated in every detail. 

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