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Doppio bowl set

Each porcelain bowl is manufactured in Germany to meet the highest standards in terms of both design and quality. The heavy porcelain bowls stay firmly in position during mealtime and fit seamlessly into your modern kitchen.

Bosco dog toy

The stylish dog toy is made from natural wool felt with a soft padding, making it even more irresistible. As all MiaCara dog toys, Bosco is made without a squeaker to allow for quiet play.

Coppa bowls

What you will love most about Coppa bowls is it’s removable silicone base. The non-slip silicone makes sure the bowl stays put during mealtime while adding a hint of colour to the minimalist design. It is made from highest quality porcelain with a glossy finish. For a maximum of functionality, the bowl is durable, food-safe and easy to clean. 


Tavoletta bowl set

Create a stylish feeding space for your cat with the Scandinavian design of the Tavoletta cat bowls. Framed in a powder-coated metal tray, these food and water bowls are made from high-quality porcelain and allow safe and comfortable feeding.

Cesto baskets

The multifunctional basket Cesto is the perfect storage container for anything from dog toys to blankets to magazines. The baskets blends in naturally with any refined contemporary interior.

Each basket is moulded from felt made of recycled fibers. The sustainable material holds it’s shape and has a soft yet textural look and feel.


Coda cat toy

The Coda cat toy combines style, simplicity and quality. The cork mouse with a leather strap allows for plenty of playtime for cat and human.

Due to the lightness of the cork, Coda can be carried around as prey and is perfect for chasing and pouncing games.

Coda is crafted from natural materials and guarantees long-lasting feline fun. Small details like leather ears and a pearl on the tail make this cat toy irresistible for every little tiger.

Tavolina side table

The wooden tabletop is the perfect place for your coffee, books and magazines, while the cat bed at the bottom is crafted from soft formfleece to create a comfortable hideaway for your cat.

The cat basket is moulded from felt fibres which are made from recycled PET bottles, making this a sustainable and environment-friendly piece of feline furniture.

Your cat is part of the family, and integrating your feline’s living space into your own has never been easier or more stylish. The Tavolino side table is a cat bed in disguise.

MC_C02-018-02-SM_Sleep_Barca_Taupe_Hausen 124.jpg

Barca dog bed

A modern reinterpretation of the classic dog bed, Barca promises the ultimate in comfort and stability. Unlike regular dog beds with sides featuring inlets with loose filling, the Barca dog bed uses four moulded foam parts that can be easily connected to each other by a plug-in system. Thanks to the moulded foam, Barca retains its defined shape even after ongoing use, does not wrinkle, and retains full support for your faithful friend.

Pelo dog brush

The custom bristle design gently grooms both wet and dry coats, and removes dirt and loose hair. Soft yet stable bristles, allow for comfortable use without pulling and tugging, for both short and long hair.

The flexible silicone bristles adapt perfectly to any body shape and massage the connective tissue through intensive pressure. This promotes blood circulation for a healthy and shiny coat.

Bento travel kit

Bento is the practical and stylish solution for your four-legged friend to eat on the go. As a three-in-one set, the Bento Dog Travel Bowl & Food container is just the thing for a long vacation or a short trip with your dog.

The Bento set consists of two food-safe, non-slip silicone bowls for food and water, and a resealable food container made of wipeable and waterproof material, suitable for dry food or treats. The set fits perfectly inside each other and can be stowed in any travel bag to save space.

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Pesce feeder

Licking has a relaxing effect on cats, which can reduce stress and promotes concentration. The Pesce slow cat feeder can also help prevent your cat from gulping or gorging on their food.

The fish shape of this cat lick mat not only arouses your cat’s interest, but also challenges it again and again, as it contends with its corners, curves, and varied licking surfaces to retrieve every last morsel.

Bosco soft toy

They not only delight with their cute and playful look. They also guarantee special cuddly moments thanks to the fine knit made of 100% cotton and the cuddly soft filling.
The high-quality dog toy in four different shapes is a real eye-catcher and will also make your designer heart happy. Without a squeaker, this is an irresistible dog toy that both dogs and humans will enjoy.


Dado activity toy

The special shape of the Dado Dog Activity Toy offers stimulation and challenge for your faithful friend. The many edges give Dado the opportunity to roll off to all sides, slowing down the ball and challenging your dog to keep nudging the dog treat ball to get to his reward. Different sized openings on all sides provide varied levels of difficulty. 

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