Mia Cara dog collection

We love doing design for our best freinds. The dog and cat collection for Mia Cara contains functional and beautiful items.

Every product are designed with careful attention to the habits and behavior of the animals. Furthermore it is beautiful products you enjoy to mix with your home interior.

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The stylish dog toy is made from natural wool felt with a soft padding, making it even more irresistible. As all MiaCara dog toys, Bosco is made without a squeaker to allow for quiet play.

Each porcelain bowl is manufactured in Germany to meet the highest standards in terms of both design and quality. The heavy porcelain bowls stay firmly in position during mealtime and fit seamlessly into your modern kitchen.

Cesto baskets

The multifunctional basket Cesto is the perfect storage container for anything from dog toys to blankets to magazines. The baskets blends in naturally with any refined contemporary interior.

Each basket is moulded from felt made of recycled fibers. The sustainable material holds it’s shape and has a soft yet textural look and feel.

Doppio bowl set

Bosco dog toy

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