Camino Table Accessories

DIEGO container, INES candle holder and REY box are the perfect accessory for the table. 

Practical and designed to accentuate the furniture in the room; these table accessories take a traditional object and transform it into something interesting. 

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Camino Furniture from Entrance to Office

GABRIEL shelf, DOLORES clothes rack and CRUZ coat hanger add creative organisation to a busy lifestyle. 

This furniture collection appeals to the modern and vintage styles. It sits calmly in the room, offering practicality when called upon. 

Camino Living

These beautiful objects with understated, dusty colours perfectly complement the room.


A dusty colour is a great way to add vibrancy without going overboard. 

CLARA clock, BARBARA mirror and CARMEL coffee table in beautiful dusty colours with metallic accents. 

Walk Through Life with Camino

The Camino brand identity is the culmination of childhood memories and modern American cultural expression. 

The director of Camino grew up in the San Francisco Bay area with the ancient road to Mexico, the El Camino Real, his playground. As boys they would dream about the many adventures they might one day have. 

In a similar fashion, design emerges from memories and the way these play on our senses.