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NEC  is a light ergonomic office chair to use in normal sitting positions and sitting high with open angle between upper body and legs to provoke better blood circulation and right S-curve on back spine. It has height adjustable backrest to create lumbar support for back spine in correct S-curve.


The seat is specially designed (saddle principle) with forward tilt to create comfort when sitting in high position and to provoke S-curve on back spine and can be locked in fixed position.

​NEC is a light chair and move easily around in flexible offices. It can be used in multiple sitting positions.


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New Ergonomic Chair (NEC)

Orca chair

The innovative system offers the firm support to users lower back that helps the users sitting in the correct position during working time to reduce the fatigue from sitting

stationary throughout the day. When you get tired of sitting, it also provides you extreme comfort in relaxed leaning back position.

The squared lines of J-bar and five star base combine the expression of soft

and warm in all curves make ORCA chai distinctive and natural characteristic that contribute the sculptural quality to the office environment.

Orca chair

Orca chair is an ergonomic chair that can be adjusted with 10 different features. The backrest comes in 2 parts so that the lumbar support could be height adjusted according to different body height to provide the customized support and comfort.

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