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Andersen Furniture

AC3 chair

AC3 chair is relaxed, casual and comfortable with a moulded plastic seat and legs in steel or oak. It combines a minimalist expression with a high level of comfort. The elegant curves are relaxed, yet refined; perfect for leisure time, formal dining or professional conference rooms. 

Available in a variety of colours with a steel or oak base; the stylish design is well suited to many settings.


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Forum Table

Forum folding work table in solid oak combines  beautiful details and craftsmanship with functional design. Traditionally, folding tables for the contract market favour steel and laminated wood for their durability and price, but here is a brand new idea.

However, appropriating materials and styling from the domestic market has become a trend within the contract market. 

The combination of excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail resulted in a unique design that brings warmth and a cosy character to the contract market. 

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